Fetching other email addresses with gmail and other tricks


Maybe you have more than one email address … that old hotmail, yahoo or comcast.net account that you have and get a few messages from — or email from your web domain name. I use plain old gmail as the collection point for a bunch of different addresses that I need to monitor. In some cases, I have the other email service simply forward email to my gmail account. Alternatively, in the case of detroitwebforge.com, I enabled a thing called POP3 service and in gmail used settings in the “Accounts and Import” area to set up a “mail fetcher.”  There’s a good tutorial on how to do this in Gmail help and there are many other resources. Check out the very good video from another bearded old dude below if you want more info on this topic. 

The other thing many people want to know how to do is to “mail merge to gmail.” Here is the use case: you want to send a personalized email to many people. I do this for the homeowners association using a google sheets addon called “Yet Another Mail Merge.” It’s amazing and works well for a low price. My spreadsheet includes all the homeowner info basics like their name, email address and the amount they owe toward the association dues. It’s easy to make a “template” and add the variable info. What goes out are 130 emails that each look like they were sent to just one person. Our HOA is setup with Stripe to make it easy to accept credit cards without paying a monthly payment processor fee. Check out the video below on the YAMM addon for google sheets.  

Sending the below video links through the mail chimp is an experiment. I guess we will both know if it works tomorrow, You may need to click through to https://www.detroitwebforge.com/fetching-other-email-addresses-with-gmail-and-other-tricks/


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