What we're all about.

The Detroit Web Forge is a one person company, invented by me, Scott Schuster. I’m a writer who also has a day job working for the brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide. I help small business and non-profits with their Web sites  and the occasional marketing project. I must tell you up front that my work for Jack Morton comes first. I take care not to over-extend myself with complex assignments I should not undertake, or take on too many Web projects at a time. I look for clients with whom I can build a long-term relationship. 

I’m not an IT person. I know a lot about web hosting and site development but I’m more of a marketing expert than a coder. I use tools that result in good-looking web sites, and I can write snippets of code when required, but I’m not a programmer, and don’t pretend to be one.  That said, I’m using WordPress, not Weebly or Wix. I gave up on free or cheap themes and now use premium WordPress software for most projects. Unlike many web developers, I’m a very experienced content creator. I can write, take professional photos, and make informed recommendations based on an extensive career in marketing.



Some of my clients want to learn how things work. I like that, and I’m a good teacher. Most clients have scant interest in techie subjects and just want me to handle it. I like that, too. I promise to give concise answers without the posturing and techno-babble. 

About the name

The name is inspired by the spirit of the greater Detroit area, its values, and its people. We’re makers and doers who combine creativity with technical skill, respect for the individual and a gritty determination to succeed. The Forge is a tribute to my Grandfather, Paul Schuster, a journeyman blacksmith from Bavaria who once hand-built prototype car bodies for the Budd Company. 


Paul Schuster, Chief of the Budd Company Experimental Sheet Metal Shop. Pictured here with his team that included his brother Hans Schuster (third from the right).